the gospel of matthew

A stunning virtuoso delivery of the greatest story ever told!
what's it about

Acclaimed by critics and audiences in theatres and churches throughout the UK, award-winning actor George Dillon presents an unforgettable vision of Jesus in his highly intense, very human and occasionally humourous solo staging of the first Gospel, with an original musical score and video background.

Short-listed for The Stage's 'Best Actor' Award in Edinburgh, Dillon's epic, impassioned performance portrays Jesus not as a meek and mild lamb to the slaughter but as a contemporary raging fighter for God.

"Dillon has taken the intense drama of the Gospel, maximised the emotional impact, pumped up the intensity and created a mesmerising one-man show of sheer brilliance!" The Argus

Showings: Tuesday 28 March 7.30pm

Standard £13.00

Theatre Friends £10.00

Concessions £10.00

Please note a website transaction fee of £1 will be added to each ticket. This includes 50p Restoration Levy and will be capped at £7.