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The Leatherhead Theatre Repertory Company present a rehearsed reading of local Playwright Amanda Lomas' play, "In Quest of Light: The Battle for Tartuffe".
what's it about

Moliere: father of modern comedy Admired by Louis XIV, the mighty Sun King Reviled by the powerful Catholic Church His masterpiece "Tartuffe, the Hypocrite" banned His personal life tainted by slanderous rumours A secret society hell-bent in heaven's name on his destruction What price - freedom of thought and expression? May 2014 marks the 350th anniversary of the banning of "Tartuffe". "In Quest of Light" explores the profound impact the five-year battle for its rehabilitation had upon Moliere as an artist and a man. Religious, political and social intolerance still threaten individual freedom of thought, action and self-expression; Moliere's courageous resistance to the powers of repression is as relevant today as ever.

Showings: Wednesday 20th March, 7:30pm
Pricing: £13, Concessions £10, Students £5